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Red Bird Farms Wildlife Area
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Johnson County  
Red Bird Farms Wildlife Area
Directions:  Take state hwy. 1 west toward Kalona from U.S. 218, about three miles to county rd. F-52/Black Diamond Rd. on the right. Follow F-52 about 3 1/2 miles and look for the parking area to Red Bird Farms on the right, just past Old Man's Creek.
Description:  Red Bird Farms is 500 acres in size and consists of two sections of second-growth forest, a central stretch of brambled meadow transitioning into pasture, and three large ponds along the southeastern woods. The northwestern woodland is bordered by Old Man’s Creek. There is also a small marshy spot in the field tract across the highway from the main park. To date only Wood Thrush has been established as a predictable IBA criteria bird at Red Bird Farms. Otherwise there have been sporadic incidents of American Bittern, Black-billed Cuckoo, White-eyed and Bell's Vireo, Veery, and Yellow-breasted Chat.
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High conservation priority
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