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Chichaqua Greenbelt/Neal Smith NWR BCA


Jasper County  (and Polk)

Directions:  Ext 18 off state highway 163 (Prairie City exit), south, refuge entrance road begins at the end of the highway exit ramp

Description:  Criteria 1. Endangered species: Northern harrier regularly seen during Spring and Fall migrations, short-eared owl observed on the refuge during migration and winter. Threatened species: Henslow's sparrows have been seen and heard singing regularly during the past several summers. Criteria 2. HIgh Conservation Priority. Loggerhead shrike, grasshoppper sparrow, and bobolink have all been observed by me either on the refuge or directly adjacent to refuge property during the last two breeding seasons. Grasshopper sparrow and bobolink have been recorded on breeding season points on the refuge during at least the last two years. Criteria 3. Neal Smith NWR supports one of the largest expanses of tallgrass prairie habitat in Iowa and provides vital breeding habitat for grassland songbirds including both eastern and western meadowlarks, grasshopper and vesper sparrows, bobolink, dickcissel, and sedge wren. Upland sandpipers have also been seen in the area. Criteria 5. As a national wildlife refuge, Neal Smith NWR is a natural site for long term research and montoring. In addition to the potential for monitoring and research, the mission of the refuge is to provide for education about the tallgrass prairie ecosystem.

Criteria for this site
Endangered or threatened species habitat
High conservation priority
Rare or unique habitat
Research and monitoring

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Chichaqua Greenbelt/Neal Smith NWR BCA

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