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Upper Mississippi River Fish & Wildlife Refuge, McGregor District

Mississippi River IBA

Allamakee County  (and Clayton, Dubuque)

Directions:  The refuge extends along the Mississippi River in northeast Iowa. There are various access points. The McGregor Unit office is in McGregor.

Description:  Nesting Bald Eagle, Red-shouldered Hawk, Pileated Woodpecker, Prothonotary Warbler. Additionally, this area serves as a major migration corridor for many passerine and non-passerine species. This site meets the significant species concentration thresholds for all avian categories. Perhaps just as importantly however, is the fact that this site hosts a myriad of migratory songbird species each spring and fall, as well as large breeding populations of numerous songbird species. This site provides critical avian habitat during literally all seasons of the year.

Criteria for this site
Endangered or threatened species habitat
High conservation priority
Rare or unique habitat
Significant species concentrations
Research and monitoring

Habitats found in this site


Upper Mississippi River Fish & Wildlife Refuge, McGregor District

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