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Volga River State Recreation Area

Potential IBA

Fayette County  

Directions:  From the junction of Iowa Highways 93 and 150 in Fayette, follow IA 150 north 1.8 miles and turn east on Ivy Road. Proceed 1 mile and turn south at the "T" intersection into the area.

Description:  This 5,500 acre area contains diverse habitats and good bird diversity. Red-shouldered hawks nest here, and bald eagles nest nearby (if not within the area). Pileated woodpeckers are residents, and both cuckoos and wood thrush appear to nest here. Many grassland birds nest here, too - including bobolink, sedge wren, and grasshopper sparrow.

Criteria for this site
Endangered or threatened species habitat
High conservation priority

Habitats found in this site


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