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Pinicon Alders and Wapsi-River Wildlife Areas

Potential IBA

Mitchell County  

Directions:  Pinicon Alders WA is located adjacent to the northwest edge of McIntire and is seperated by Conty Road A23. Wapsi River WA lies just upstream from Pinicon Alders WA and can be accessed by driving 1 1/2 miles north of McIntire on County Rd. T62, then turning west on Bailey St. and proceeding about 2 miles west to the Wapsi River access.

Description:  These two areas comprise 450 acres of good quality diverse habitats. Prairie areas contain bobolinks and grasshopper sparrows and wooded and savanna areas contain pileated woodpecker and wood thrush, and probably black-billed cuckoo, prothonotary warbler, and loggerhead shrike. This is one of 7 places where the alder flycatcher was found during the BBA project and certainly is the appropriate habitat for nesting.

Criteria for this site
High conservation priority

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