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Waterman Creek Area

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O'Brien County  

Directions:  Go about three miles west from Peterson on Hwy 10 to Yellow Ave. This is a gravel road that goes north one mile to a dead end on the river and a 200 acre area owned by the county called Hannibal-Waterman Wildlife Area. Go back to Hwy 10 and then one mile farther west across the Little Sioux River bridge to Wilson Ave. South on Wilson Ave for about two miles goes past Old Dutch Fred Access to the river, and then several hundred acres of largely native grass hillsides along the Little Sioux River valley. If you go north on Wilson Ave from Hwy 10, it winds along the Little Sioux valley, past the Burned Bridge Access at the confluence with Waterman Creek, and then comes to a T intersection with Waterman Blvd. For two miles in either direction there are access points to substantial public lands covered with oak savanah prairie, stands of red cedar trees, and scenic vistas overlooking the river and creek valleys.

Description:  Waterman Township is absolutely the best winter bird location in the northwest part of the state as it combines the food, shelter and water that bluebirds, robins and waxwings need to overwinter. It is also a known raptor migration corridor in fall, and eagles, buteos, falcons andaccipiters use it throughout the winter, too. Riparian timber in the area also provides an arboreal highway for songbirds in migration.

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Rare or unique habitat

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Non-governmental conservation agency; i.e., The Nature Conservancy, Natural Heritage Foundation

Waterman Creek Area

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