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Pictured Rocks/Indian Bluffs

State IBA

Jones County  

Directions:  Two miles south of Monticello on Hwy 38 and two miles west on County Road 190th St., past the entrance to Camp COurageous of Iowa.

Description:  Pictured Rocks is a 427 acre wildlife area along the Maquoketa River characterized by bluffs and wooded riparian habitat. Bald eagles are typically seen in the area during the winter (probable winter roost site), and a few are spotted throughout the summer. Pileated, red-headed, red-bellied, downy, and hairy woodpeckers can be seen in the wooded habitat, as well as black-billed and yellow-billed cuckoos, yellow-throated vireo, red-eyed vireo, white-eyed vireo, wood thrush, and prothonotary warblers, American woodcock, rose-breasted grosbeak, rufous-sided towhee, indigo buntings, scarlet tanager, baltimore Oriole, and a variety of other bird species.

Criteria for this site
High conservation priority

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