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Mines of Spain State Recreation Area

State IBA

Dubuque County  

Directions:  Take HWy 52 south of Dubuque, turn left at intersection of HWY's 62/151, go 100 feet, turn left on Bellevue Hts to go to E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center (office for park) or go 1 miles further from Bellevue Hts to Olde Massey Road, turn left, go 3/4 mile to Mines of Spain Road (this portion consist of most of the park and access to Mississippi River) OR from the south take HWY's 61/151 to the intersection of HWY 52 and turn right onto HWY 52S or take HWY 52 north to Olde Massey Road or Bellevue Hts

Description:  The Mines of Spain Recreation Area consists of 1380 acres of hill top prairies, tall grass prairies, savannas, upland and lowland forests, wetland, creeks and 4 miles of Mississippi River. The park has rock outcroppings, caves, variety of tree species and a small wetland. Category 1 - Sightings of Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcos and Short Eared Owls have been made. Category 2 - The American Woodcock, Pileated WoodPecker, Veery, Woodthrush, Prothonotary Warbler, kentucky Warbler and Bobolink have been sighted. Category 3 - The north 600 acres of the park is designated at the Catfish Creek State Preserve. It contains white birch,paper birch , river birch, savanna areas and hill top prairies. It has had sightings of the Prothonotary and Kentucky Warbler and roostings of Bald Eagles. Category 4e - Bald Eagles roost in the park during the winter months in the north area and along the river on the east side. Bald Eagles have also been sighted during the summer months. Caterory 4f - The park is a migratory stop over for 10o's of neo-tropicla and other songbirds during the spring and fall migrations. Some songbirds make the site their wintering location or nesting areas. Category 5 - Research is has been started involving oak savannas in the north area by Iowa State University. The wood thrush has been studied by the University of Dubuque. Studies have been conducted on the tall grass prairie field. Further research is needed on the nesting birds in the prairies, savannas and on the wood thrush. The park has designations as a the Julien Dubuque's Mines National Historic Landmark, Watchable Wildlife Area in Iowa and Urban Wildlife Area (Wildlife Federation).

Criteria for this site
Endangered or threatened species habitat
High conservation priority
Rare or unique habitat
Significant species concentrations
Research and monitoring

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Mines of Spain State Recreation Area

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