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Cairo Woods Wildlife Area
State IBA
Louisa County  
Cairo Woods Wildlife Area
Directions:  Out of Columbus City, south on X-17 to G-62. East on G-62 to 'S' Ave. North on 'S' Ave. 1 1/2 miles, lane to parking area on right (this is the easiest to reach of three parking areas).
Description:  Cairo Woods consists of 525 acres mainly of woodland, wet and dry, mature and secondary, with a large tract of savannah/shrub in the southern section. There are also small field tracts including one which could be considered genuine grassland. Annual HCP birds at Cairo Woods include Wood Thrush and Kentucky Warbler in the wooded sections to the west and northwest; and Bell's Vireo and Yellow-breasted Chat in the southern shrub sections. White-eyed Vireo incidents have been close to annual since Cairo Woods has caught on with more birders. Other occasional IBA birds include Grasshopper and Henslow's Sparrow, although the park cannot be considered ideal habitat for these species.
Criteria for this site
High conservation priority
Habitats found in this site