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Zirbel Slough

State IBA

Cerro Gordo County  

Directions:  Adjacent to I-35 in west-central Cerro Gordo Co, south of B43.

Description:  This area contains primarily grassland, prairie marshes and open water. Category 1: Short-eared Owls are occasionally encountered here. Category 2: American Bittern are found here almost annually. Least Bittern apparently nested here in 2001 (adult with young were found in late summer). Black-crowned Night Heron are regular during summer, and Loggerhead Shrikes are occasionally found. Bobolinks nest in good numbers in the grasslands. Category 4: It would not be unusual at all to find mixed flocks of waterfowl during migration numbering in excess of 1000 individuals. Availability of mud fluctuates annually, but at times, 500+ shorebirds can be found in total around the edges of the two main pools, particularly in the fingers of the shallow north pond.

Criteria for this site
Endangered or threatened species habitat
High conservation priority
Significant species concentrations

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Zirbel Slough

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