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Coralville Reservoir/Hawkeye Wildlife Area/Lake Macbride State Park
State IBA
Johnson County  
Coralville Reservoir/Hawkeye Wildlife Area/Lake Macbride State Park
Directions:  From highway 965 one and three-quarters miles north of North Liberty, go west on the Swan Lake Road to areas on the south side of Hawkeye WA. To reach areas on the north side, go west from highway 965 on the first road north of the reservoir (Amana Road).
Description:  This area has a large concentration of waterfowl and pelicans during migration. When water levels are right, large concentrations of shorebirds are found here during migration. The woodlands in the area produce significant numbers of migrating songbirds. Bald Eagle and Double-crested Cormorants nest in the area. There are large numbers of raptors in the area, some during migration and following the shorebirds, some nesting, and some wintering, such as Long and Short-eared Owls, Northern Harrier, and Rough-legged Hawk. There are heron rookeries, and large numbers of wading birds use the area during post breeding dispersal. The number of rare birds that have been found here over the years is quite large.
Criteria for this site
Rare or unique habitat
Significant species concentrations
Habitats found in this site