IBA Species Data for Ingham, High, and Cunningham Lakes Wetland Complex

These two tables show the data collected on criteria species and species concentrations as defined by the IBA technical committee. The data comes from the original IBA data collection process, Iowa Seasonal Field Reports, and the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project (2008-2012).

Criteria Species

SpeciesDateNumberBreeding StatusComments
Black Tern5/16/20034 
Forster's Tern5/26/2011 PO-H
Forster's Tern5/1/19981 
American Bittern8/2/2012 PO-H
Least Bittern6/27/20151 
Least Bittern5/31/2010 PO-H
Least Bittern6/8/2009 PR-P
Bald Eagle7/11/2012 PO-H
Bald Eagle5/26/2011 CO-AY
Bald Eagle5/16/20031 
Bald Eagle10/30/20022 
Bald Eagle12/15/19992 
Bald Eagle11/12/19985 
Broad-winged Hawk6/7/200711  Observed 11 Broad-winged Hawks in loose flock flying more or less straight about 150-200 feet above High Lake, then transitioned into a low kettle over a wooded area near the Lake.
Pileated Woodpecker10/25/19991 
Wood Thrush7/11/2012 PO-X
Wood Thrush5/26/2011 PO-X
Grasshopper Sparrow5/26/2011 PO-X
Bobolink8/2/2012 CO-AY
Bobolink5/26/2011 PR-M
Bobolink5/31/2010 PR-M
Bobolink5/17/2010 PO-X
Bobolink7/6/2009 PO-H
Bobolink6/27/2008 PO-H

Species Concentrations

Species Name/GroupDateNumberComments