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Feb 23, 2017

The 12th annual 2017 Iowa Purple Martin Workshop/Seminar at the CAM Iowa Clothing Center (1005 Nutmeg Ave) 1.8 miles north of Kalona, Iowa and one mile east of Highway 1, will be held onSaturday, March 18. Presenters start at 9:00 AM, but early birds can arrive at 8:00 AM for doughnuts and coffee. $2.00 registration fee. Save the date! Our topics and speakers are: "A Comprehensive Look at the Purple Martin and Landlord Practices" Dave Duit - Iowa Purple Martin Organization; "Swans, Swifts & Ceruleans...Why Citizen Conservation Counts" Doug Harr - President, Iowa Audubon; "Resource Management in Johnson County" Jennifer Jordan - Recycling Coordinator, City of Iowa City; "Update: Eagles, Ospreys, and Peregrine Falcons" Pat Schlarbaum - Wildlife Diversity Program, Iowa Department of Natural Resources 

Jim Walters Songbird Project, 319-466-1134

Feb 08, 2017
Join the annual celebration of winter birds by counting the birds you see in your backyard, a local park, or wherever you see birds during the four days of February 17-20, 2017.  Then, contribute to science by entering your sightings online.  For more information on how anyone can conduct this bird survey of growing importance, check out on your computer, tablet or other mobile device.  This annual event is co-sponsored by Audubon, Bird Studies Canada, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Wild Birds Unlimited.

Feb 08, 2017

This May 5-7, a new birding festival will be hosted at Chariton, in Lucas County.  Iowa Audubon has partnered with Tourism Lucas County, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Iowa DNR, Iowa Ornithologists’ Union, Lucas County Conservation Board and others, to create this first-time event. It is hoped that the festival will bring in many people unfamiliar with Lucas County, its rich forests and other habitats, to learn what a great place it is for neotropical migrants and resident nesting birds. Additional anticipated results are improved conservation efforts on private lands across the county and a boosting of local ecotourism.  The festival weekend will provide activities for kids as well as adults.

Beginning on Friday evening, May 5, registration and social event will take place at Carpenter’s Hall in Chariton, main hosting facility for the entire weekend.  At 8 PM a showing of a famous birding movie, The Big Year”, will be free to the public.  Saturday and Sunday mornings will feature field trips to a variety of habitats across the county, along with a Saturday night trip to hear owls and nightjars.

Saturday afternoon will feature several programs and workshops relating to birds, habitat and more. Birding and other conservation groups will have displays, and commercial exhibitors will be selling books, birding equipment or other items.  A home-style banquet will be held Saturday evening, featuring guest speaker Laura Erickson, noted bird author and photographer from Duluth, MN.  For more information and online registration, check the following website:

Feb 08, 2017

       Last year, Iowa Audubon worked with Iowa DNR to acquire approximately 74 acres in the Iowa River floodplain between Belle Plain and Marengo.  This is the first project in the history of Iowa DNR that Audubon has been a sole acquisition partner, splitting costs 50-50.  Purpose of the project was to fill in a gap between existing parcels of public lands.  The Iowa River Corridor (IRC) is co-designated as one of DNR’s “Bird Conservation Areas” (BCAs) and Audubon’s “Important Bird Areas” (IBAs), so connecting, enlarging and permanently protecting avian habitat here is vital to both programs. Wetlands and native prairie restorations are planned for this new site by Iowa DNR.

       Beginning this past fall, additional contributions from Audubon are going to the US Fish & Wildlife Service to better restore wetlands and grasslands on some federal property within the IRC IBA-BCA, work that will continue again this year.  Finally, additional acquisition projects are now being reviewed by DNR and Audubon, in hopes of again working together to enlarge and protect public lands in the IRC.  Funding for all projects here result from a bequest in the name of Carole Donovan, donated to the National Audubon Society for use only in Tama, Iowa and Benton counties.  Iowa Audubon, an independent Audubon Society, has worked closely with National Audubon to direct this money to the best uses for bird conservation here.  Watch for news of the next projects in our newsletter and on this website..

Jan 07, 2017
Every winter, Bald Eagles congreate in large numbers at locations across Iowa.  In fact, Iowa now hosts some of the largest numbers of wintering eagles in the U.S. outside of Alaska.  They concentrate on open water below dams on some of our larger rivers, such as the Mississippi, Iowa and Des Moines, as well as others, where they can easily feed upon fish.

To celebrate Bald Eagles and their return from near-extinction in the 1950s-60s, special Bald Eagle Day events are held at many locations across Iowa.  Each event siteis staffed with volunteers who will have bincoulars and spotting scopes for anyone who wants to view our nation bird up close.  Volunteers will also explain why the eagles are here in Iowa and in such large numbers.  Contact Iowa DNR for additional information about this winter's special eagle events, dates and locations.