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F. W. Kent Park
State IBA
Johnson County  
F. W. Kent Park
Directions:  The entrance to the park is approximately two miles west on U.S. 6 out of Tiffin, on the north side.
Description:  F. W. Kent Park is 1010 acres large. Notable features include extensive pine stands, grassland/savannah tracts, and a 27-acre lake. The park is a regular stop in the area when searching for owls. Two Short-eared Owls were reported in February, 1998, three Long-eared Owls in February, 1999, seven on the Iowa City 2002 CBC, and two in February 2003. Northern Saw-whet Owl was found in February of 1998, 1999, and 2003. (Source: Iowa RBA,IA-BIRD, and Chris Edwards). In the summer of 2001, two Yellow-breasted Chats were continually observed at the nest, and a chat was also present this summer in the same location.
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Endangered or threatened species habitat
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