Iowa's Important Bird Areas

Hitchcock Wildlife Area - first officially recognized IBAAlthough not all great birding areas can be called Important Bird Areas, the reverse is certainly true. IBAs are an important part of Iowa Audubon's mission to protect birds and their habitats. They are designated for their significance as either breeding locations for criteria species or as locations important for large numbers of migratory or wintering birds. There are various ways to get involved with Iowa Audubon's IBA program.

  • Monitor any IBAs for changes to birds and habitat
  • Conserve these areas for long-term protection of birds and biodiversity
  • Volunteer to gather in-depth information on designated sites
  • Enter your bird observations at designated sites at either eBird or the IOU website
  • Raise some much needed funding to assist with improved conservation
  • Explore your company's matching funds programs
  • Work with landowners to help raise awareness of the IBA program

A project of this scope naturally requires a number of partners in both the public and private sectors.  If your organization would like to become a partner, please contact us.

IBA Partners