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Toolesboro Access/Odessa
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Louisa County  
Toolesboro Access/Odessa
Directions:  Out of tiny Toolesboro on state hwy. 99 simply drive northeast down Prairie St., which becomes the access road.
Description:  The access road is surrounded by heavily wooded Mississippi River backwater on both sides, which is to say swamp, the east side being private property, and always has several Prothonotary Warblers. I have had one sighting of Pileated Woodpecker while walking the dike. A wetland/pond just off the access road regularly hosts Hooded Merganser broods. A trail inland passes three ponds which have also had Prothonotaries, and most significantly I have had Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in one of these (although of course only Black-crowned Night-Heron is an IBA criteria bird). Following my report of this bird another birder found two specimens of Yellow-crowned. One would have to suspect the whole area is conducive to Black-crowned Night-Heron as well.
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