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Hickory Hill Park

State IBA

Johnson County  

Directions:  In Iowa City. Take the Hwy. 1/North Dubuque St. exit from I-80. 2-3 minutes toward town, look for a Hy-Vee grocery store on your right. Hickory Hill's entrance is across the street, along and to the left of a cemetery.

Description:  One of the outstanding city parks in Iowa for birding and well-known as a prodigious migrant passerine trap, particularly for wood warblers. The park combines good deciduous timber sections pierced with creeks, grassland sections, and savannah/shrub. In any given year consistent birding of Hickory Hill Park will likely produce thirty of Iowa's regular warblers, including Black-throated Blue and Connecticut Warblers. Black-billed Cuckoo and White-eyed Vireo are regular finds at the park as well. It is an annual local activity to seek out American Woodcocks displaying in early spring and this species likely nests at Hickory Hill.

Criteria for this site
High conservation priority
Significant species concentrations

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Hickory Hill Park

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