IBA Species Data for F. W. Kent Park

These two tables show the data collected on criteria species and species concentrations as defined by the IBA technical committee. The data comes from the original IBA data collection process, Iowa Seasonal Field Reports, and the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project (2008-2012).

Criteria Species

SpeciesDateNumberBreeding StatusComments
Black-billed Cuckoo9/4/20101 
Black-billed Cuckoo8/17/2008 PO-X
Black-billed Cuckoo7/16/20051 
Black-billed Cuckoo7/16/20051OB-O
Black-billed Cuckoo6/7/20031 
Black-billed Cuckoo6/9/20011 
American Woodcock4/1/20141 
American Woodcock7/20/20132  Flushed while walking around a pond
American Woodcock4/21/2011 CO-FL
American Woodcock7/16/20051 
American Woodcock7/16/20051OB-O
Forster's Tern5/9/20092 
Northern Harrier4/18/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/25/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle2/12/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/17/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/17/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle11/18/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/1/20223  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk4/28/20221  CHECKLIST
Broad-winged Hawk4/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Broad-winged Hawk5/7/20051OB-O
Long-eared Owl12/27/20121  I was walking by a grove of pine trees and the owl flew. I did not follow it or go into the pine trees to see if there were any more owls.
Long-eared Owl2/9/20032 
Long-eared Owl12/15/20027 
Pileated Woodpecker10/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker10/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker10/30/20222  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker8/17/2008 PO-X
White-eyed Vireo7/22/20231  CHECKLIST
White-eyed Vireo5/21/20232  CHECKLIST
White-eyed Vireo7/16/20161 
White-eyed Vireo7/25/20101 
White-eyed Vireo5/8/20101 
White-eyed Vireo7/26/20081 
White-eyed Vireo7/16/20051 
White-eyed Vireo7/16/20051PO-X
White-eyed Vireo6/21/20031 
Bell's Vireo7/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/22/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo6/21/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/27/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo8/1/20222  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo6/26/20222  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo6/4/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/25/20212 
Bell's Vireo5/25/20201  It had nesting material
Bell's Vireo5/25/20205 
Bell's Vireo5/15/20201  FOY on grassland trail at Knight Pavilion
Bell's Vireo7/23/20182 
Bell's Vireo7/16/20161 
Bell's Vireo7/19/20141 
Bell's Vireo7/25/20101 
Bell's Vireo6/1/2009 PR-T
Bell's Vireo5/24/2009 PO-X
Bell's Vireo7/26/20081 
Bell's Vireo5/13/20061 
Bell's Vireo5/13/20061OB-O
Bell's Vireo7/16/20052OB-O
Bell's Vireo7/16/20052PO-X both singing
Bell's Vireo6/16/20043 
Bell's Vireo6/7/20031 
Bell's Vireo6/3/20012 
Veery5/7/20231  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush7/29/20231  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush7/22/20231  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush6/12/20232  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush6/1/20231  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush7/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush7/21/20222  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush6/8/20221  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush5/18/20221  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush4/29/20222  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush7/21/20161  heard only CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush5/31/20161  Reporter: Todd Deininger CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush7/6/20141 
Wood Thrush9/11/20091 
Wood Thrush7/31/2008 PR-A
Wood Thrush6/8/20041OB-O
Wood Thrush6/8/20041PO-X singing behind campground 19
Wood Thrush6/7/20031 
Wood Thrush6/24/20021 
Grasshopper Sparrow5/13/20232  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow5/13/20232  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow6/4/20221  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow6/4/20226  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow7/31/2008 PO-X
Grasshopper Sparrow7/26/20081 
Grasshopper Sparrow6/9/2008 PO-H
Grasshopper Sparrow6/4/2008 PO-H
Grasshopper Sparrow5/13/20063PO-X
Henslow's Sparrow7/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow7/11/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/30/20234  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/27/20232  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/21/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/21/20235  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/18/202310  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/13/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/13/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow4/28/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow4/28/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow4/27/20232  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow4/25/20232  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow7/21/20223  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow5/25/20202 
Henslow's Sparrow7/22/20191 
Henslow's Sparrow7/16/20162 
Henslow's Sparrow7/31/2008 PR-M
Henslow's Sparrow7/26/20081 
Henslow's Sparrow7/29/20031 
Henslow's Sparrow7/11/20031 
Henslow's Sparrow7/4/20031 
Yellow-breasted Chat7/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Yellow-breasted Chat7/22/20231  CHECKLIST
Yellow-breasted Chat7/15/20231  CHECKLIST
Yellow-breasted Chat7/11/20231  CHECKLIST
Yellow-breasted Chat7/2/20231  CHECKLIST
Yellow-breasted Chat7/3/20221  CHECKLIST
Yellow-breasted Chat7/25/20211 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/6/20203  Three territorial birds in different locations
Yellow-breasted Chat5/25/20201 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/21/20032 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/9/20031 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/7/20032 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/2/20031 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/24/20021 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/1/20021 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/16/20011 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/9/20011 
Yellow-breasted Chat6/3/20011 
Bobolink5/13/20231  CHECKLIST
Bobolink5/13/20231  CHECKLIST
Bobolink6/4/20222  CHECKLIST
Bobolink6/4/20225  CHECKLIST
Bobolink5/27/20223  CHECKLIST
Cerulean Warbler5/20/2012 PO-H

Species Concentrations

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