IBA Species Data for DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge

These two tables show the data collected on criteria species and species concentrations as defined by the IBA technical committee. The data comes from the original IBA data collection process, Iowa Seasonal Field Reports, and the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project (2008-2012).

Criteria Species

SpeciesDateNumberBreeding StatusComments
Piping Plover4/8/20071  A single Piping Plover located in the wetland area on the main drive of desoto, just in from the main entance.
American Woodcock5/15/20054PR-C
Least Tern7/29/20232  CHECKLIST
Black Tern5/21/20224  CHECKLIST
Black Tern5/21/20224  CHECKLIST
Black Tern5/21/20226  CHECKLIST
Black Tern5/15/200534OB-O
Forster's Tern9/12/20222  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/1/20221  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern7/21/200412 
American Bittern5/13/20221  CHECKLIST
Black-crowned Night Heron5/8/20223  CHECKLIST
Black-crowned Night Heron5/5/20072 
Northern Harrier4/4/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier4/1/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier3/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier2/4/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier2/4/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/30/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/17/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/16/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier12/28/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier12/28/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier12/28/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier12/28/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier11/26/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier11/20/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier10/16/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier5/1/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier4/8/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier3/13/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier3/13/20221  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier2/28/20221  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Northern Harrier2/27/20222  Elizabeth Winter (eBird) male and female
Northern Harrier2/26/20221  Carla Delucchi (eBird)
Northern Harrier2/21/20221  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Northern Harrier2/13/20221  Anonymous Anonymous (eBird)
Northern Harrier2/13/20221  Jacob C. Cooper (eBird)
Northern Harrier2/5/20221  Sam Manning (eBird)
Northern Harrier1/28/20221  Paul Pearson (eBird)
Northern Harrier1/11/20221  Gary Roberts (eBird)
Northern Harrier1/3/20221  Paul Pearson (eBird)
Northern Harrier1/2/20221  Thane Dinsdale (eBird)
Northern Harrier1/2/20223  Joe Kipper (eBird) One beautiful male, and two female-type birds
Northern Harrier12/7/20212  cindy harris (eBird)
Northern Harrier12/1/20211  Donna Yates (eBird)
Northern Harrier10/31/201211  USFWS. High Count.
Northern Harrier12/19/199915 
Bald Eagle6/18/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/17/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/16/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/12/20233  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/9/20232  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/4/20232  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/1/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/30/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/26/20232  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/14/202315  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/12/20233  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/8/20232  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle2/18/202310  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle2/11/20235  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle2/4/202318  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle2/3/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/30/20235  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/26/20234  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/21/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/20/202315  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/17/20232  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/16/20237  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/13/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/6/20232  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle1/6/20238  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/28/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/28/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/28/20227  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/28/20227  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/16/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle11/20/20225  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle11/6/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle10/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle10/16/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle9/29/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle8/20/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle8/20/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle7/17/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle6/27/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle6/27/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle6/18/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle6/8/20223  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/17/20223  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/8/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/7/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/24/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/16/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/15/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/10/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/8/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/4/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/25/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/18/20223  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/17/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/15/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/7/20226  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle2/28/20222  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/27/20222  Elizabeth Winter (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/26/20222  Thane Dinsdale (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/21/202212  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/18/20227  Michael J. Morris (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/12/20228  Thane Dinsdale (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/7/20222  Mark Haindfield (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/7/20226  Carla Delucchi (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/5/20223  Sam Manning (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/28/20221  Paul Pearson (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/28/202212  Thane Dinsdale (eBird) all on the river
Bald Eagle1/22/20222  Michael J. Morris (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/22/20223  Michael J. Morris (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/20/20221  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/17/20221  Carla Delucchi (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/16/20228  Thane Dinsdale (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/11/20221  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/4/20221  Carla Delucchi (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/3/20221  Paul Pearson (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/2/202210  Thane Dinsdale (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/27/20211  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/26/20211  Whitney Pennington (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/23/202124  Thane Dinsdale (eBird) largest numbers on the south side of the Missouri pullout
Bald Eagle12/18/20216  Gregory Estep (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/18/20216  Susan Estep (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/14/20216  Katie Gooby (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/13/20213  Joel Strafelda (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/11/20213  Carla Delucchi (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/7/20216  cindy harris (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/1/20212  Donna Yates (eBird)
Bald Eagle3/22/2010 CO-UN
Bald Eagle5/15/20052CO-AY
Bald Eagle12/19/199959 
Broad-winged Hawk4/15/20221  CHECKLIST
Long-eared Owl5/15/20056OB-O
Short-eared Owl1/28/20221  Paul Pearson (eBird) Perched just off south side of main road, approx 1/4 mi west over Missouri River overlook. I initially missed it on the way out and Thane spotted it eating a vole and got pics. State/County bird.
Short-eared Owl1/28/20221  Thane Dinsdale (eBird) saw it swallow a vole whole
Short-eared Owl11/8/20068  8 were observed on the refuge during the week.
Pileated Woodpecker6/18/20231  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker4/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker4/4/20231  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker1/30/20231  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker11/4/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker4/10/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker2/27/20221  Elizabeth Winter (eBird) Saw two on the Nebraska side (see picture on associated NE checklist). One then flew to a tree that overlooked the lake, sat for about 2 minutes, then flew to the Iowa side.
Pileated Woodpecker2/21/20221  Joel Strafelda (eBird) Flew across road at Missouri River overlook. Large woodpecker observed flying across the road and river then sitting on a tree across the river. In flight it showed white underwings and a white stripe in the upper wings. Red crest, heavy bill, white stripes on face
Pileated Woodpecker2/7/20221  Mark Haindfield (eBird) Crow-sized dark bird with deep wingbeats. Undulating flight with white wing lining showing distinctly. Flighty, moving a good distance away as vehicle approached. Familiar with species with other very infrequent observations.
Peregrine Falcon5/7/20211 
Peregrine Falcon5/6/20121 
Peregrine Falcon5/5/20071 
Peregrine Falcon5/15/20052OB-O
Bell's Vireo5/30/20232  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/27/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/25/20233  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/25/20233  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/23/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/23/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/17/20232  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/16/20232  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/14/20232  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/12/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/7/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo6/17/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo6/11/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo6/8/20222  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/23/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/17/20222  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo5/17/20223  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo8/2/20131 
Bell's Vireo6/3/2010 PO-X
Bell's Vireo5/15/20058PR-M
Bell's Vireo5/22/19991 
Bell's Vireo5/22/19991PO-H
Loggerhead Shrike5/15/20054OB-O
Wood Thrush6/18/20231  CHECKLIST
Wood Thrush6/24/2012 PO-X
Wood Thrush6/24/20121 
Wood Thrush5/5/20075 
Wood Thrush5/15/200530PR-M
Wood Thrush5/22/19991PO-H
Grasshopper Sparrow7/10/20232  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow6/1/20231  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow5/26/20231  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow7/7/20222  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow5/17/20221  CHECKLIST
Grasshopper Sparrow5/15/2005250CO-NY
Grasshopper Sparrow5/22/19991 
Grasshopper Sparrow5/22/19991PO-H
Henslow's Sparrow6/14/20231  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow6/11/20221  CHECKLIST
Henslow's Sparrow6/8/20221  CHECKLIST
Bobolink5/17/20231  CHECKLIST
Bobolink5/16/20231  CHECKLIST
Bobolink5/23/20222  CHECKLIST

Species Concentrations

Species Name/GroupDateNumberComments
American White Pelican9/26/20131,094
American White Pelican10/19/20115,000