IBA Species Data for Springbrook State Recreation and Wildlife Area

These two tables show the data collected on criteria species and species concentrations as defined by the IBA technical committee. The data comes from the original IBA data collection process, Iowa Seasonal Field Reports, and the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project (2008-2012).

Criteria Species

SpeciesDateNumberBreeding StatusComments
Bald Eagle4/8/20231  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/14/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle12/14/20221  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk5/20/20171  Vocal "keeyah" calls from wooded ravines on east side of park. CHECKLIST
Broad-winged Hawk4/21/20221  CHECKLIST
Broad-winged Hawk7/8/20081 
Broad-winged Hawk8/8/20051PO-H juvenile (1st-cycle); BWHAs may have summered or nested in the Springbrook area, although none were found there during a June IBA survey
Pileated Woodpecker12/14/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker12/14/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker5/4/20121 
Pileated Woodpecker2/15/20121 
Peregrine Falcon9/26/20201 
Wood Thrush8/2/20051PR-T
Wood Thrush8/2/20051PR-T singing, territorial bird (also found in June)
Wood Thrush6/21/20052PO-X
Wood Thrush6/21/20052PO-X singing
Cerulean Warbler5/13/20081 
Cerulean Warbler7/9/20051PR-T
Cerulean Warbler7/9/20051PR-T with Steve Dinsmore
Cerulean Warbler6/21/20052PO-X
Cerulean Warbler6/21/20052PO-X at least 2 on territory; singing in big cottonwoods near Springbrook Creek; I wonder where else this species is summering along the Raccoon River corridor

Species Concentrations

No records found