IBA Species Data for Pinicon Alders and Wapsi-River Wildlife Areas

These two tables show the data collected on criteria species and species concentrations as defined by the IBA technical committee. The data comes from the original IBA data collection process, Iowa Seasonal Field Reports, and the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project (2008-2012).

Criteria Species

SpeciesDateNumberBreeding StatusComments
American Bittern5/29/20101 
Broad-winged Hawk5/4/20082PR-T
Broad-winged Hawk4/21/20083 
Pileated Woodpecker4/20/20081 
Pileated Woodpecker1/13/20072 
Bell's Vireo7/8/20111  Singing male.
Wood Thrush5/20/20142  singing
Grasshopper Sparrow5/4/20081 

Species Concentrations

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