IBA Species Data for George Wyth State Park/Hartman Reserve

These two tables show the data collected on criteria species and species concentrations as defined by the IBA technical committee. The data comes from the original IBA data collection process, Iowa Seasonal Field Reports, and the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project (2008-2012).

Criteria Species

SpeciesDateNumberBreeding StatusComments
Black-billed Cuckoo5/3/20121 
Least Tern8/21/20132 
Black Tern5/20/202230  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/6/20222  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/6/20224  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/6/20224  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/6/20224  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/3/20222  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/2/20224  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern4/26/20222  CHECKLIST
Forster's Tern5/4/20139 
Forster's Tern5/4/201351 
Forster's Tern5/12/20129 
Forster's Tern4/28/20111OB-O First of this species for the Spring 2011 season.
Forster's Tern4/25/20082  Black cap, forked tail, white wings.
Forster's Tern7/20/20051  seen by Tom Stone
Black-crowned Night-Heron5/9/20221  CHECKLIST
Black-crowned Night-Heron5/9/20221  CHECKLIST
Black-crowned Night-Heron5/16/20161  CHECKLIST
Black-crowned Night-Heron5/16/20161  Reporter: Ashley Casey CHECKLIST
Black-crowned Night-Heron10/26/20131  juvenile bird
Black-crowned Night-Heron4/15/20122  Perched in willows. Tom/Tommy Stone counted 6 prior to our meeting.
Black-crowned Night-Heron4/15/20126 
Black-crowned Night-Heron5/2/20111OB-O First sighting of the 2011 spring season. Remained near a beaver dam for several days (2-3).
Bald Eagle6/17/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle6/2/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/23/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/10/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/6/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/4/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/30/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/20/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/19/20222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/12/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/10/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/9/20225  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/2/202240  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/1/20224  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/1/202215  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/31/20227  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/27/202220  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/18/20224  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/15/202222  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/14/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle3/4/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle2/15/20221  Dave Eastman (eBird)
Bald Eagle2/6/20221  Alan and Karen Orr (eBird)
Bald Eagle1/28/20221  Dave Eastman (eBird) Adult
Bald Eagle1/2/20221  Dave Eastman (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/30/20215  Kris and Craig Rash (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/22/20214  Alan and Karen Orr (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/19/20215  Connor Langan (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/19/20215  Mary Kate Shaver (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/16/20214  Mark Welford (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/15/20217  Allison Gibbons (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/13/20211  Dave Eastman (eBird) Immature
Bald Eagle12/10/20213  Dave Eastman (eBird)
Bald Eagle12/6/20211  Dave Eastman (eBird) Adult
Bald Eagle2/10/20183  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle5/4/20131  Adult
Bald Eagle8/11/20111  First of 8 sightings in Black Hawk County for the period Aug-Nov 2011.
Bald Eagle2/18/20101OB-O
Bald Eagle2/3/20101OB-O
Bald Eagle12/15/20094OB-O
Bald Eagle12/12/20092OB-O
Bald Eagle12/5/20092OB-O
Bald Eagle11/30/20092  Brinker Lake area.
Bald Eagle11/25/20095OB-O Most Eagles observing waterfowl on Brinker (East) Lake.
Bald Eagle11/5/20091OB-O
Bald Eagle10/30/20091OB-O Adult plumage, Fischer Lake.
Bald Eagle10/27/20091OB-O
Bald Eagle10/9/20091OB-O
Bald Eagle9/23/20091OB-O
Bald Eagle8/29/20093  Two adults and one immature observed briefly locking talons over the prairie restoration area.
Bald Eagle8/7/20091OB-O
Red-shouldered Hawk4/20/20222  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk4/7/20221  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk4/1/20221  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk3/31/20221  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk3/15/20221  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk3/12/20221  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk2/15/20221  Dave Eastman (eBird)
Red-shouldered Hawk1/6/20221  Wendy VanDeWalle 🦩 (eBird) Sitting on branch over creek along the road to the bird blind
Red-shouldered Hawk12/1/20211  Dave Eastman (eBird) Heard.
Red-shouldered Hawk3/26/20162  CHECKLIST
Red-shouldered Hawk1/21/20163  Bill Scheible and I saw these 3 birds. There were 2 adults and 1 juvenile, all associating together. It was fun to see them.
Red-shouldered Hawk7/21/20133  Adult attending two begging young
Red-shouldered Hawk12/4/20112 
Red-shouldered Hawk12/3/20112 
Red-shouldered Hawk11/10/20111  Last of 6 sightings for this species in Black Hawk Co. (G. Wyth/Hartman) for the Aug-Nov 2011 period.
Red-shouldered Hawk4/27/20112  at nest
Red-shouldered Hawk3/1/20112CO-NY Pair of red-shouldered hawks nesting at west end of Fisher Lake. 3 young observed on May 15th. Have photos.
Red-shouldered Hawk2/15/20111PO-H
Red-shouldered Hawk12/28/20101PO-H Red-shouldered Hawk perched <5' off ground near Fischer Lake.
Red-shouldered Hawk10/13/20101OB-O Seen in trees adjacent to Fischer Lake or George Wyth Lake.
Red-shouldered Hawk8/29/20101OB-O
Red-shouldered Hawk5/22/20102 
Red-shouldered Hawk5/17/20101 
Red-shouldered Hawk1/31/20102 
Red-shouldered Hawk12/6/20091OB-O Species observed frequently in this park.
Red-shouldered Hawk11/25/20091OB-O Observed near Canfield parking lot.
Red-shouldered Hawk11/20/20093OB-O All three perched together near George Wyth Lake (Rotary Pavilion)
Red-shouldered Hawk10/30/20091  Observed at George Wyth Lake.
Red-shouldered Hawk10/21/20091OB-O
Red-shouldered Hawk10/9/20093OB-O All three hawks observed circling together and occasionally interacting.
Red-shouldered Hawk9/23/20092PO-H Two Red-shouldered Hawks observed perched in dead trees at the east end of George Wyth lake. Briefly clasped talons while chasing one another from perch to perch.
Red-shouldered Hawk9/2/20091PO-H Red-shouldered Hawk seen perched on dead tree at the east end of George Wyth lake.
Red-shouldered Hawk8/30/20091PO-H Red-shouldered Hawk seen in the same area on the day previous also.
Red-shouldered Hawk8/29/20091  Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk seen and heard in the vicinity of Shirey Rd. in Hartman Preserve.
Red-shouldered Hawk3/13/20091 
Red-shouldered Hawk12/7/20081  This species has overwintered at Geo. Wyth SP for several years now, reliably along Fisher Lake at the west end of the park.
Red-shouldered Hawk11/22/20082 
Red-shouldered Hawk3/29/20081  on nest
Red-shouldered Hawk8/8/20072 
Red-shouldered Hawk3/18/20071CO-NB
Red-shouldered Hawk3/8/20072 
Red-shouldered Hawk3/4/20071 
Red-shouldered Hawk1/20/20071 
Red-shouldered Hawk11/18/20061  This species appears to overwinter here every year.
Red-shouldered Hawk3/13/20061  By sound first then sight. Lifer.
Red-shouldered Hawk1/22/20061 
Red-shouldered Hawk12/22/20051  Adult
Red-shouldered Hawk11/25/20051  One red shoulder haawk north side of park along road. Have photos if needed. Don Poggensee
Red-shouldered Hawk2/21/20052 
Red-shouldered Hawk1/17/20051  adult at the west end of Fisher Lake
Red-shouldered Hawk12/27/20041 
Red-shouldered Hawk12/9/20042  pair
Red-shouldered Hawk11/21/20041 
Red-shouldered Hawk11/12/20041 
Red-shouldered Hawk11/12/20041OB-O
Red-shouldered Hawk11/11/20041OB-O
Red-shouldered Hawk10/30/20041 
Red-shouldered Hawk10/24/20043 
Red-shouldered Hawk9/16/20042  Both were adults.
Red-shouldered Hawk6/25/20041 
Red-shouldered Hawk5/23/20045 
Red-shouldered Hawk5/23/20045CO-NY 2 adults and 3 nestlings in the previously described nest.
Red-shouldered Hawk5/10/20043CO-NY 2 nestlings noted today
Red-shouldered Hawk5/4/20044CO-NY 3 adults including a nesting pair with newly hatched chick
Red-shouldered Hawk2/16/20032 
Red-shouldered Hawk3/29/20021 
Red-shouldered Hawk1/7/20021 
Red-shouldered Hawk4/6/20011 
Red-shouldered Hawk6/1/19991 
Red-shouldered Hawk6/1/19981 
Red-shouldered Hawk2/25/19981 
Red-shouldered Hawk6/1/19971 
Broad-winged Hawk6/28/20221  CHECKLIST
Broad-winged Hawk4/21/20221  CHECKLIST
Broad-winged Hawk9/15/20103  Additional observers Francis Moore and Mike Johnston of Prairie Rapids Audubon.
Broad-winged Hawk8/29/20091OB-O
Broad-winged Hawk9/15/1998140 
Long-eared Owl2/17/20221  Connor Langan (eBird) Flushed from a cedar while looking for saw-whets. Surprisingly, I walked right under the tree without noticing or flushing the bird, but the bird decided to vacate the initial roost tree a minute later as I was checking nearby trees. The bird flew with a floppy flight style, and I noticed its pale wings and isolated, dark lines on/near the primary coverts. I ended up flushing the bird again, which confirmed the ID. I am fairly confident that this individual is a migrant, as I found no signs of whitewash nor pellets under the initial roost tree. Moreover, I have checked the cedar grove several times this winter and have not observed this bird before.
Long-eared Owl3/27/20071 
Pileated Woodpecker6/18/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker6/17/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker6/15/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker3/19/20221  CHECKLIST
Pileated Woodpecker12/19/20211  Connor Langan (eBird)
Pileated Woodpecker12/19/20211  Mary Kate Shaver (eBird)
Pileated Woodpecker12/13/20211  Dave Eastman (eBird) Flyover calling
Pileated Woodpecker12/29/20102PR-P At least one seen in two different areas of Hartman while another was heard across the Cedar River in G.Wyth SP. The Hartman bird flew back and forth to the calling bird at G. Wyth SP. Jan 28,2011.
Pileated Woodpecker8/28/20091OB-O
Pileated Woodpecker8/20/20091 
Pileated Woodpecker6/13/20042 
Pileated Woodpecker6/13/20042PR-P
Pileated Woodpecker5/16/20031 
White-eyed Vireo7/9/20131 
White-eyed Vireo7/14/20021 
Bell's Vireo5/11/20141  Bird was seen and/or heard several (4) times in dense shrub area adjacent to the beach facility parking through the June, July breeding period. A second bird sang briefly (June 16) several hundred yards to the east but could not be relocated a second time.
Bell's Vireo5/11/20141  Bird was seen and/or heard through the summer breeding season in the same area (near the beach parking at George Wyth Lake.) June 16 another Bell's Vireo was heard singing at another location several hundred yards east. The second bird was not relocated on subsequent visits.
Bell's Vireo5/8/20111  watched for at least 10 minutes.
Veery4/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Veery4/30/20221  CHECKLIST
Veery5/1/20111  Have a photo
Veery4/30/20091  photo
Hooded Warbler4/22/20081  Tom Stone fide SB
Cerulean Warbler9/27/20141  A 1st year female, the field marks were carefully noted such as cream colored under parts and distinctive agua green, I think it was mentioned as 2nd latest record.

Species Concentrations

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