IBA Species Data for Muskrat Slough

These two tables show the data collected on criteria species and species concentrations as defined by the IBA technical committee. The data comes from the original IBA data collection process, Iowa Seasonal Field Reports, and the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project (2008-2012).

Criteria Species

SpeciesDateNumberBreeding StatusComments
Black-billed Cuckoo5/19/20221  CHECKLIST
Black-billed Cuckoo5/15/20191 
Black-billed Cuckoo5/15/20191  First Jones County record and early for the state this year. Seen flying across the road and then perched in a leafing-out tree. A species of conservation concern in Iowa.
Common Gallinule5/11/20091 
American Woodcock3/6/20001PO-X
Black Tern6/9/200950  Late migrants
Black Tern8/18/200210 
Forster's Tern5/2/201710 
Forster's Tern5/12/20116 
Forster's Tern8/18/20024 
American Bittern4/22/20171 
American Bittern5/13/20031 
American Bittern4/24/19991 
Least Bittern5/30/20192  one calling (chuckling) along north access road from within marsh; another calling (chuckling) near the SW boat launch CHECKLIST
Least Bittern6/10/20131 
Least Bittern6/14/20092PO-H
Least Bittern6/7/20032 
Least Bittern8/18/20023 
Least Bittern8/17/20022PO-H
Least Bittern6/8/20021 
Least Bittern6/5/20024PO-H
Black-crowned Night-Heron4/22/20173 
Black-crowned Night-Heron6/10/20131 
Black-crowned Night-Heron6/7/20032 
Black-crowned Night-Heron8/18/20023 
Black-crowned Night-Heron8/17/20021PO-H
Black-crowned Night-Heron9/21/20001PO-H
Northern Harrier3/25/20231  CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier4/27/20151 
Northern Harrier4/27/20151  11:43 AM, (41.99917, -91.21750) CHECKLIST
Northern Harrier10/11/20131 
Northern Harrier5/2/20051 
Northern Harrier5/2/20051PO-H
Northern Harrier5/13/20031 
Northern Harrier6/5/20021PO-H
Northern Harrier4/12/20022 
Bald Eagle9/10/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle7/19/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle7/16/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle7/16/20221  CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle4/27/20151  11:01 AM, (42.00561, -91.19079) CHECKLIST
Bald Eagle10/11/20131  Immature
Bald Eagle1/15/20005 
Bald Eagle5/2/19991 
Bald Eagle3/12/19993 
Red-shouldered Hawk5/30/20191  juvi; will attach photo CHECKLIST
Long-eared Owl3/12/19991 
White-eyed Vireo5/10/20131 
White-eyed Vireo5/2/19991 
Bell's Vireo7/8/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/4/20232  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/1/20231  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/19/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/19/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/16/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo7/16/20221  CHECKLIST
Bell's Vireo6/10/20131 
Bell's Vireo6/9/20091PO-X
Bell's Vireo6/19/20041 
Bell's Vireo6/19/20041OB-O
Bell's Vireo6/19/20041PO-X
Bell's Vireo5/13/20031 
Bell's Vireo6/8/20022 
Bell's Vireo5/10/20012 
Bell's Vireo6/10/20001PO-X
Bell's Vireo7/18/19981 
Wood Thrush5/15/20191  Heard but not seen, from woods at NW corner of the marsh. Not much forest cover for this woodland species. Migrant?
Henslow's Sparrow6/11/20163  Singing
Yellow-breasted Chat7/8/20231  CHECKLIST
Yellow-breasted Chat7/4/20232  CHECKLIST
Cerulean Warbler5/10/20011 

Species Concentrations

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