Audubon Actions

Become a part of something special

There are numerous ways for Iowa Audubon members and friends to involve themselves in various parts of the mission.  We break these activities into specific focus areas.

Financial Support

Your membership in and donations to Iowa Audubon help in the support of our partnerships in preserving and renovating critical habitats both at home and abroad.  We have provided matching funds to purchase critical habitats here in Iowa as well as to support the continuing effort to protect Iowa's nesting birds on their wintering grounds in Mexico.  See a list of many recent contributions.

Conservation Efforts

Iowa Audubon's cornerstone program is the Important Bird Areas.  These areas have been designated as important places for the sustainability of Iowa's birds.  Review the list and select one or more to adopt.  Monitor criteria species by adding data.  Engage with land managers to share findings and suggested management practices.  Since most public lands are severely underfunded for maintenance activities, work with the managers on the best way your local group might help like scheduling a day to clear invasives.


Iowa Audubon frequently fulfills the role of advocating politically for good and balanced conservation practices.  Watch the News Section for opportunities to add your citizen input in letters to your elected representatives.


Watch the news for upcoming events where Iowa Audubon will play a part and volunteer to help.  Not only can you make a difference in introducing someone to the amazing natural world, the experience of showing someone a pelican or eagle through a spotting scope is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world.